Furnace Oil Delivery for Home Heating

Keep warm during winter months with home furnace oil from Free Flow Petroleum in Shannonville, Ontario.

Find the convenience of having reliable delivery service. Please call us at 613-968-5344 for the latest pricing or information on how to set up an account.

It is now law that your furnace and oil tank be inspected by a qualified Oil Burner Technician at least once every ten years. We are required to keep a copy of your current passing inspection before furnace oil can be delivered. Learn more about maintaining your furnace and the regulations at the Technical Standards and Safety Association website or the Canadian Oil Heat Association websites

Auto Spa
Pamper your car at our auto spa, which offers:
· Fleet Cards
· Bill Changers
· Car Wash Supplies
· Indoor Vending Room
· Two Self-Serve Car Wash Bays
· Premium Fresh Water Dispenser
· Fully Automatic Touchless Car Wash
· Detail Center with Vacuums / Fragrance & Shampoo
· Self Serve Truck / Recreational Vehicle Wash Bay with Raised Catwalk

To request more information on home furnace oil delivery visit our Contact Us page.